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Vikas Sadana, MBA

Co-Founder Samaven

Nicknamed “The Idea Guy,” Vikas helps organizations across varied industry verticals raise capital by virtue of his skills in developing comprehensive business and marketing plans.

Entrepreneur, visionary, certified business consultant and marketing rock star, Vikas’ special skills lie in simplifying complex ideas in order for inspirational concepts to develop and succeed in real time. For him, turning imagination into reality is the ultimate challenge! As an in-demand business and marketing consultant, his aim is to provide comprehensive solutions that add value at each step of the business cycle.

Vikas holds a full time MBA degree in Marketing and Finance.

Samaven Founder Vikas

Saurabh Matta, MBA

Co-Founder Samaven

As the consummate Aries, Saurabh is enterprising, spontaneous, daring, and energetic. Friends tease the electronics engineer turned software professional turned entrepreneur that he’s been genetically engineered to “work smart.” Multinational corporations Tata Group, Sapient, Ericsson, Deutsche Bank and others have engaged and profited from Saurabh’s analytical mind and penchant for thinking outside the box.

Saurabh has garnered extensive experience and developed noteworthy skills in project management, IT consulting, business analysis, and website and app development. He can code/ops/think/sell/stabilize and provide solutions to even the toughest of problems.

On weekends, he’s a wannabe chef, avid reader and all-around cricket fanatic.

Samaven Founder Saurabh
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