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As a leading mobile application development company, Samaven has garnered extensive experience in crafting native apps that are feature-packed, high performance and intuitive. We are a team of highly experienced mobile app developers offering a wide range of high-end services of app design and development for all major platforms: iOS and Android. Our app development team helps businesses to increase efficiency, mobilize their sales force and get more loyal customers.

At Samaven, we focus primarily on your goals, budget and success. Whether your mobile app strategy targets mobile apps or wearable apps, our team has the talent and the resources to deliver. You get to work with a creative and dedicated team of designers, iOS and Android developers. Our objective is to meet your unique goals and exceed your expectations. If you can dream it, we can create it.

  • Proven delivery methods
  • Collaborative, communicative and transparent
  • Mobile technology experts
  • We understand your business’ mobility requirements
  • We adhere to the best app development practices
  • Experts in UI and UX
  • We offer responsive and testing support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive rates and quotes

We offer proven, flexible engagement models that begin with comprehensive evaluation of your IT and business requirements. This is done to guarantee the solution we deliver will be fast and cost-effective in meeting your deadlines and goals. It does not matter whether you need an additional team to augment your onsite team or professional advice on your mobile app strategy, we will meet your exclusive needs. Our team will help with custom UI design, business analysis, project management, code development, quality assurance among other things. We take great pride in being the ideal partner you can count on in app development.

Progressive solutions

With diverse experience across major industries, our team will create for you tailored solutions to meet most of your most challenging IT problems. To do this, we combine deep architectural solution capabilities, technology expertise and program management skills to acquire and integrate efficient capabilities for varied systems. Our specialists will provide you the skills you desire, when you need them for managing, streamlining and optimizing your systems.

How we work

When compared to other mobile application development companies, our approach in every mobile app strategy is different. We focus on your ultimate goals and provide the talent and resources needed to achieve them. We will not waste time with trial-and-error nor bloat your app with irrelevant features. Our priority is your goals then your budget. This helps us to focus on the highest priority objectives.

Our Services

We design, develop and deliver mobile apps to be used across all platforms. Our representative services include:

  • Project analysis
  • UX (User Experience) testing
  • Wire-framing & custom design architecture
  • Stringent quality assurance
  • Cross-platform app development and integration
  • Project management
  • Timely results delivery with utmost transparency
  • Help getting your mobile app on major stores: Play Store, App Store, App World

App Development Platforms


Our iOS developers have significant experience in the development of apps for both iPhones and iPads. We take into account the features and capabilities of these devices and tailor an app, with your mobile app strategy in mind, that enhances user-experience. We leverage on such iPad features as the 3-axis accelerometer and elements of the pop-over interface.


We make use of the Android SDK platform to craft innovative and intuitive apps for all Android based devices. Our Android developers make use of the unique features available on the ever growing Android platform to deliver some of the best apps available on Google Play.

the customers’ requirement in transparency, creativity, speed and cost-efficiency throughout the development process. Our aim is not just to bring your idea to life but also help you reach more consumers, run your business more efficiently and lower your operating costs.

When you hire us for your mobile app strategy, you and your team will rest assured knowing you are working with the best team in the business. We are passionate, proactive, knowledgeable and always happy to work with you.

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