So you have a business and need an online face for it. Whether you’re getting a new website or revamping your old, there is something to be said about the kind of website you choose. With the Internet getting savvier and consumers getting smarter, you just cannot limit yourself to getting a website. Before approaching a website development company you need to now which type of website you need and what are the best suited options are for you.

Ideally you want your website to work not just as the online storefront for your business but a competent marketing vehicle as well. Current trends show that customers are increasingly looking internetwards to get a fix for almost everything from information to shopping to education.

Your website should make the most of this heightened interest and align with your long term marketing goals. To make it easy for you to make the right selection, we have put together the 5 basic types of websites that you can build your online presence on:

Informational Websites

Informational websites are created for the soul purpose of informing. It is simply a basic website that a business can use to create their basic online presence. These can even be used for one off projects or as landing page for a specific product or service. An informational website will have all the information you want your customers to know on a few pages with sections.

CMS Website

A CMS is a website tool that allows you to access edit post and basically handle the content of your website. You need not know programming or coding to be able to use a CMS website. Most businesses today love this best of both worlds approach. Additionally content you save on the website can be optimized for search engines with the help of plugins and other tools. And because you can choose themes you don’t have to spend extra to make it mobile ready.

Personal Websites

These type of websites can be anything from simple to extensive. Many use a personal website to document special events and journeys or even start selling products. They can be personal blogs and with many pages categorized into sub sections. You can have it developed from scratch. However, this would mean making updates can be tricky. You can use a CMS depending on the frequency of updates and the functionalities you need.

Business Websites

Business websites can be quite similar to personal websites except they are presenting a business or service. Most small businesses can do with one page websites or a website with a few pages which can be built from scratch. If you need a website for your business you can even opt for CMS websites that let you update and manage the content yourself. You may need to put a bit of work on the look and design of the site or engage a web developer to do it. In any case, you don’t need help to update the content later whether it is the main site or adding blogs to the website.

Communities, Forums and Blogs

Websites that act as a platform for people to come together and interact need extensive designing and development. These are developed to let users discuss topics, message each other and connect personally and on a community level. As such they include logins, profile creation and dashboards to allow participation. A lot of CMS websites provide tools to add forums and blogs on your website. However, if your website is completely community centric you need to get discussing with a web developer for the scope and development of the site.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website is built from the ground up with bespoke functionality, performance and design. It can also be built with a CMS but covers a lot more functionality then a simple website. It can be self managed and includes tools like member areas, logins and forums. However, to truly harness the power of the website you can customize it to your needs. A web development company can build you a beautiful customized dynamic website that you can then manage without hassle.


To manage an online store, nothing less than an eCommerce website will do. However, there are all kind of eCommerce solutions to suit your needs. In this, you’ll find a number of eCommerce platforms to choose from. Choosing the right one for you starts with knowing your own goals and product and services and their presentation. Things like payment options, security marketing, all form part of your website. You can go DIY or simply engage professionals to set shop for you. Many tools exist to help you then manage the shop without much help.

Know what you need? Then take the next step with our full fledged website development solutions. If you’d rather focus on marketing your business than building a website we have the perfect remedy. As an exciting web development company in US, we make websites that share in your marketing needs that become truly an asset for your business.


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