When you have explaining to do about your business, what better way than in video? Agreed, explainer videos are a great way to engage audiences however, with the time and resources you’re investing you want to make sure they do more than just entertaining. With all the different types of creative forms and animation around, you don’t want to forget the main purpose of your video – to inform, make aware and convert.

The Goal
What is the ultimate goal of your video? Is it to entertain? Warm up your audience for the launch of a product? Create awareness? Or simply demonstrate how your product or service works? And of course get them to engage with you further. Decide what you want to get out of your video.

Ever solved a maze puzzle backwards? Working backwards is just as simple and rewarding. It opens up a world of insights. You know your final goal and it is easier to know what components to integrate to lead you there.

The Audience
You don’t have to know your buyer’s persona down to their dog’s name. Whether you have an ultra specific audience base or a one that is more generic, never be too specific. Or too vague. However you have to know what ticks your ideal buyer.

For instance, your solution will probably appeal to an audience above 40, both male and female. It makes no sense to target just one gender or talk to the needs of people under 30. Knowing your audience well and speaking without cutting off a large potential market that may not look like your customers but can be is the key.

The Script
The all important element of your video is the script. Any discussion on an explainer video is incomplete without one. It’s where your concept originates, the voice of your brand, the storyboard, the frames of the video. Almost everything! Ensure to invest time and effort into having a good script at hand. You don’t have to have a final draft down to every word but a clear storyline and idea is a great start.

The Call to Actions
Whether you want people to sign up, like and share your video or engage with you further, they won’t do it. Not unless you tell them to with an irresistible call to action.
The idea behind CTAs is that unless you clearly outline the next step of action, chances are people won’t know what to do with the information you provided them. That is because when you are not clear about the goal of your video, you can’t expect your audience to be. So specify it in loud, compelling buttons or a cool voice over. Make people take the action you want them to take with the CTA

The Quality
Explainer videos come in tons of options for animation. 2D, 3D, motion graphic, whiteboard videos, you choose. It is not only important to choose the right technique keeping in mind your audiences but also consider its quality. You don’t have to drop 10 grand and create a super high definition video but something that is creative, easy on the eye and high on quality can be more effective.

Are you in pursuit of an explainer video production for your business that incorporates all these awesome things? May be we can help you. At Samaven, we love creating iOs and Android apps as well as beautiful websites. We are a digital marketing company and that is where we get our marketing dynamics from. And so we use all our design and marketing sense to help create videos that don’t just rock but bring the bacon home to you. Discuss your needs with us today.

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