Mobile apps continue to distract us from other stuff. And with shopping and eCommerce coming to our nearest phone screens, it’s even harder to stay off them. If you have an online store, an eCommerce mobile app may sound like a good way to branch out and draw your consumers in. However, there are some retailers who have reinvented the wheel completely. They have stepped out of the safe zone and gone on to be app only.

You heard that right.

You are probably wondering whether it is even worth it. Turns out these companies are enjoying some REAL benefits of kicking out a desktop site off the radar. Moreover, this success has been typical of eCommerce companies.

So what are the pros and cons of this move and is it right for your business? That’s what we analyze in this article

Every business with a virtual store has to invest in customer acquisition. This is a crucial part of maintaining the overhead cost. Hiring an Android developer to create an app is cheaper than maintaining a full fledged eCommerce site. Apps are also a great way to cut down the competition by eliminating the use of browsers. They also prevent browsers from analyzing customer behavior.

This in turn paves way for targeted customer centric marketing. Companies can deliver customized notifications with the data from the app. It also creates and atmosphere for organically cross-selling to users.

In most markets, mobile is still an unconquered territory. As smartphone penetration hits an all time high, the familiarity with mobile apps vis a vis browsers is slated to be more.

Many factors come into play when a company is deciding to go app only. For instance, how do you ascertain whether you should opt for iOS or Android app development? Other things such as the market demographics are definitely going to affect the end result.

You have to consider consumer comfort through and through. Whether it is ensuring a relaxed and flexible shopping ecosystem or mobile space, the app only model surely has its limitations.

Speaking about mobile space, getting rid of a desktop as well as mobile version of the site from browsers is sure to cut into customer acquisition. You are basically cutting off buyers who do not want to download an app nor need a desktop to shop but also rely on a mobile website. Considering that smartphone penetration is increasing, cutting off people from a mobile site may affect footfalls.

Parting words
Though going app only may have worked for some companies, whether it will work for you or not is a matter of strategy. It is best to use data and make a strategic analysis of what ticks. Nothing is cast in stone here. Everything depends on the bulk of your traffic source and the bigger picture for cutting down costs with app only systems and losing desktop traffic.

As a leading app and eCommerce website development company in US, Samaven has its finger on the pulse of the eCommerce as well as mobile app market. We are glad to bring the best of what works in both worlds.

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