With all the different processes that go into making an explainer video, it is easy to overlook why you started in the first place. It has been said and done and videos have been used to death. And yet explainer videos are something that keeps being at the top of marketing mediums. That’s because shrinking attention spans means you have less time and more impact to make. And that’s where an explainer video comes in.

But that’s not all. The moment you decide to get your business a video and start looking for an explainer video company you need to also decide what your video needs to do for you. There is no bare minimum to expect but here are a few things to aim for besides more sales:

1. Stickiness
Explainer videos add great marketing value. And that is exactly why they have become such a popular medium to spread your message. However, this adds another challenge. That is to be able to stand out and be heard. One goal you want to look at is having your message stick in your prospects’ minds. It could be done through a great script, a unique and fun animation style or by adding quirky characters to your video. The goal is to leave an impact that instantly sticks into the prospects’ mind long after they have seen the video.

2. Warming up to your audience
If there is one amazing thing about explainer videos it is that it offers reach. Whether it is website skimmers or people who take more time to research their options, explainer videos reach everyone. Remember you are reaching out to a diverse audience and so a common goal to achieve is to appeal to a majority of them. Your video can do the job that your copy or other marketing vehicles may not, that is warming up to your audiences through a clear, infortaining and unique video.

3. Brand awareness
There is no better way to make your brand more visible than visual cues. And explainer videos make great visual cues. You could be doing a product demo, a company introduction or presenting the values and solutions that you offer, be sure you emphasize how your product stands out. So while you’re aiming at conversions you have a great chance to benefit your overall branding and voice as well. It allows you to set your brand image rolling through the way your video speaks to your audiences.

4. Traffic
No explainer videos are complete without call to actions. And conversions do not happen without traffic. So to achieve the farther goal (conversions) you need to look at hitting the nearer goals (traffic). Ensure that your call to actions are geared to take the right action and directed to the next step that optimizes your chances i.e. bringing traffic to your landing page.

With these goals in mind it is easy to ideate and conceptualize your video. You can then break down what your results look like into the ways you can achieve them. An explainer video under 2 minutes can spell huge returns for your business and that is how you need to be treating it as well.

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