You excitedly outsource your website to a web development company only to be blindsided with delays. Then there are times that the progress is far different than what you had envisioned. Or may be it just isn’t as good. This is a deciding time for your project and it can end up being stalled.

So how do you put the initial enthusiasm back while you are in the middle of the project? Here are some ways you can

Identify the problem area

You can’t fix a problem unless you know what caused it. Try and figure out exactly what went wrong and what caused the problem. Probably it’s the schedule or the budget or the approach. May be you need a detour in the project to go along with the latest changes. Focus on identifying the problem area so you could brainstorm specific solutions


It’s important to communicate with your team about the goals, problems and requirements of your stalled project and realign accordingly. A website is an important marketing tool and when you have a team of designers and developers it is important that the website is both design and marketing savvy. Communicate your end goals clearly. Whether it is search rankings you are after or high conversion rate, talk it out with your team in a concise manner.

Reaffirm your project’s goals and vision

When a web project stalls it is easy to lose sight of the shore. One tends to focus more on how to get it through and quick fixes can be sought. However this is not the right approach. Make sure your team is on the same page with you with regards to the vision of your project. Re-evaluate what you are looking to get out of your website ad and share the same. This cannot be stressed enough. You need to be clear about what you want.

Bringing Your Stalled Web Projects Back to Life_1

Evaluate the remaining process

A great way to move forward with enthusiasm is taking this stalling as a starting point. Evaluate how much work is really remaining and proceed like it’s a new project you and your team are working on. Identify what’s required and what’s not to get started again. Taking the stalling as a positive starting point will let you move ahead in the right spirit.

Track and monitor

Once everything is in action again, keep a close eye. Monitor the project so you can identify any problems arising quickly. Also, working according to schedule is what you should be watching out for as well. This makes sure everything is on track again and that the project sees the light of the day on time.

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