There has been a tremendous shift in the way SEO affects search today. Not only that, it is also redefining the way we use content for improving visibility. 2016 is a different year and with what works in SEO and what doesn’t changing rapidly, you are better off at knowing how you could revamp you SEO efforts to fit the new changes.

Today whether you handle your SEO yourself or engage an SEO company, it is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint. Check out the ways in which SEO will be different in 2016.

Mobile optimization

Mobile search is huge. The reach of smartphones has translated into an Internet revolution of sorts. You can do almost everything on the phone today that you could do on your desktop. With Google’s Mobilegeddon update, it puts more of a spotlight on being mobile ready. Make your website responsive and mobile optimized and do the same for your SEO.

It has been predicted that mobile search will overtake desktop searches in terms of numbers. If you are a local service or business, this opportunity is pure gold. Give your mobile users an optimum experience and you can expect a lot of traffic your way. This is surely a star strategy to use in 2016. markup
You may have to use a web development company in US for this, but it is worth all the efforts. A markup is incorporated in the code of your website. It basically tells Google everything it needs to know about your website thus helping in ranking according to Google itself.

From the nature of your website to where the reviews, logos are, it will make it easy for Google to rank you better. The search giant has also hinted that schema markups could well be used as a ranking factor over time.

Being Social
Social media content is on the top of the game. It is predicted that Google will start using social media content more and more for indexing. SEO strategies will then have to adapt themselves thinning the line between web and social media SEO.

You may have also noticed that social media profiles for brands and companies rank high when searched for the company. Google is using the content on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, to understand credibility of a business. So integrate a fine SMM strategy into your SEO efforts for 2016.

Mobile Apps
A Tech Crunch survey states that mobile apps account for 50% of time spent by customers on online media. Another research shows that almost 85% people prefer native apps to websites. It may just be the time to start looking for an iOS or Android developer. Your app’s SEO has a good chance to feature in the top of SERPs so concentrate on getting it out there.

Local Impact
If you have a local business look forward to local SEO being a game changing tool. Keeping Google in the know about where your business is located and what is does will give your target audience better chances of easily finding you. Having a local business page is essential. Basically, you need to personalize the content as well as mobile experience to draw in your target audience. It only betters the way your prospects engage with your business. A local business Google listing with most reviews ranks the highest.

2016 is slated to be another big transformational year for SEO and the above tips are here to stay. As a digital marketing company in US, Samaven focuses on keeping up with the rapidly changing SEO scene. To adapt to the latest and most effective trends in SEO get in touch with us.

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