Explainer videos are a great way to get your audience warm up to you. Many companies today use videos to demonstrate what their products do. However, you don’t have to have a complicated product or service to use an explainer video. Explainer videos are great for marketing as well and highlighting your strengths.

However there are some industries that not only need it but could do great with an addition of a video to their website. If your business and service falls in this industry and you don’t have an explainer video yet, you should be considering it right about now. Keep an eye out on our list to see if your business figures:

1. Medical
The healthcare industry has a world of possibility to explore explainer video use. With the need for trust building transparency and information, it is only going to add to your reputation to present your company cohesively through a video. Whether it is targeted at a specific audience or the mass market, it is the best way to reach a large prospect base. From clinics and medical centers to medical equipments and instructional material, one does not have to look too far to harness its power. You can showcase testimonials and doctor recommendations right in your videos making it even more engaging and relevant.

2. Fitness
Fitness is more about visual motivation than anything else. There are endless opportunities for the community with trainers, fitness centers, fitness product manufacturers, coaching and health programs to use a video. You could use a video to show the different fitness regimen you offer. With fitness programs it gets even more amazing by showing a testimony in action. Fitness centers can actually outline their USP’s and what sets them apart form the competition. There’s no doubt that visual demonstration has more impact in this case.

3. Non Profit
Unlike any other industry, with non profits people are actually interested in your story. When you are doing amazing things and need to get your message out there, there is no better way than an explainer video. Whether it is explaining what you do, how you have helped the world, contributed to solving a problem and how your audience can join hands, videos do a great job. They not only engage but magnify your message in a way that is bound to leave an impact. If you are a non profit and aren’t using an explainer video yet, get on the bandwagon now if you don’t want to leave anything on the table.

4. Education
The whiteboard animation itself took root in the instructional concept of education. With more dynamics, businesses in the education industry can now use it to their advantage. The creative freedom you can use to educate, inform and teach your audience transforms the way you market. You may make it feel like an extension to your educational solutions and benefit from the non marketing feel it adds to your campaigns.

5. Real Estate
The Internet is changing the way the real estate market works. Never has there been a simpler and clearer way to shop, rent or lease homes. An explainer video just adds to the charm of using the computer to get on in on real estate solutions. Real estate agents can explore the power of videos to simplify tough market concepts like mortgages, foreclosures etc. Go one step ahead and you have virtual tours and even profile building through video introductions.

6. Automobile
If you are an automotive dealer, you have an opportunity to showcase your lineup of cars. You can even use explainer videos to simplify your finance programs and other sales and lease options. How about using a video to showcase deals, offers and promotions? Add a breath of fresh air to your marketing efforts. An explainer video with animation is also more likely to help you stand out.

7. Software and Mobile apps
Explainer videos are a boon for iOS and Android developers. From demonstrating how an app works to outlining your process to your audience, there are endless ways to feature an explainer video on your website or other promotions. Product demos are best explained visually and today it’s a must to have a video simplify and explain how you work especially if you have mobile app or software or technology.

If your industry figures in the list and you still don’t have an explainer video yet get in touch with us now. At Samaven, we are enthusiastic about spreading your message for maximum impact and make explainer videos keeping in mind the same. Let’s discuss the A to Z of your explainer video needs today.

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