When you are looking for a team to create your explainer video it is important to know what you are getting. 2 minutes of a video that could completely change your marketing is a big deal. And trusting people with this task is a responsibility as important as creating the video. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision when you are out looking for the dream team to make your explainer video.


You will want to know the people behind your video. Is it a freelancer you are hiring or a full fledged explainer video specialist company? Keep in mind, an in house production will give you more control and provides a process that is more organic and transparent than you can get anywhere. It also gives you the freedom to provide inputs and get insight into the desired results. If you have some really comprehensive requirements you will want to make sure if the team you are hiring is a specialist in creating explainer videos.

2. Budget

There can be hundreds of budgets depending on your requirements. This though does not mean the most expensive of them is better. What you want to concentrate on is getting all you need optimized to your pre-planned budget. If you are a start up, your budget is surely more valuable and cheap does not necessarily mean bad. Your priority will be to find a balance of quality and affordability.

3. Originality

There is a wide variety of explainer video production you can opt for. Some producers even create videos based on templates using stock illustrations. If you are after something economical and affordable, this might be it. However, if you have something unique on your mind then you want a team that will produce a video from scratch with original characters and illustrations.

4. Experience

Experience does not just dictate how well the final product would be. It also helps in anticipating how expertly the whole process is handled. Whether you opt for an independent instructor or a full fledged team, experience is going to help your team manage and balance your inputs as well as your vision for the video to give you professional results.

5. Focus

A some what underrated feature but one that is just as unessential is the focus on marketing. Are the people you are hiring to do your video well acquainted with its marketing importance? You want a team that focuses heavily on the marketing aspect of the video and not just to make it entertaining.

Whether this is your first time getting an explainer video made or you are switching team, these tips will help you refine the process of looking for the right team for you. An explainer video is a powerful tool in your marketing ammo, get the right people to do it.




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