One of the most challenging things to correct is a sales problem. After all you have worked hard to have a sales funnel in place or created a website that leads your prospects to buy. You are confident that you have an amazing product or service but sales are not as high as you would expect after all that work. And when looked closely, the problem usually lies with the last leg of the sales process: your website.

Whether you DIYed your website or engaged a website development company, there is always a lot of legroom to optimize your site for selling. With ever changing trends and consumer behaviors, it can be overwhelming to know what’s right. Here are 5 things which are a mix of the basic and the innovative you need to change about your website to make it sell more:

1. Speed
Give your visitors what they expect but don’t know when they visit your page – user experience. One element of your website that quietly works to improve user experience is your website load speed. The internet marketplace is chock full of options and a slow page can be the difference between getting closed and getting visited.

Unless you have a really awesome product that consumers would fall over each other for you cannot afford a slow page. And even then it just doesn’t make sense to let user experience take a hit and wear out your visitors. A recent study suggests it takes less than 3 seconds to decide to leave or stay on a page. Clearly, you don’t have much room for error. Pay attention to that page load speed if you don’t want to lose buyers by the thousands.

2. Security
This is one aspect you just can’t ignore if your business depends on online sales. Customers do business with people they trust. Not having a face on the internet does not mean it is tough to make people pay you. Yet less secure payment options can mean instant death for your reputation and customer’s trust.

Use SSL certificate for all your transactions and especially if you accept credit cards. Be transparent about the returns and refund policy. You can even set a separate page for FAQs to help quash customer queries and build trust.

3. Testimonials
Social proofs are big drivers of sales. When people think they are a part of a larger buying audience or that someone has already used the products they want to buy it is easy to effect conversions. Testimonials can take any form from star ratings, reviews, number of units sold, customer feedback etc.

If your product has been featured in a website review or blog, it is an amazing opportunity to showcase. Use logos in your as seen on section to make it even more conspicuous.

4. Split test
Marketing gurus swear by this. Split testing your website is not only a great way to test waters but also get tangible proof of what works. This way you know you are on the right track and are doing the right things. A/B test your changes against your existing webpage and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of guesswork.

Plus, split testing can actually reveal gems and provide insights you’d have missed otherwise. It also gives you hard proof that helps for gradual changes in the future and to help form healthy strategies.

5. Sell but don’t sell
The last things customer want when they’re buying is to feel like they are being sold to. Everyone likes to buy though so be careful about going too overboard. The best way to sell is to do so subtly. Invest in good copy that helps intrigue your visitors and keep looking around. From product descriptions to website copy, you want to make sure the copy is customer focused and emphases on the benefits that your target audience will draw.

Your website can truly be an asset in the sales process. Regardless of what type of business or service you have you can optimize it with the tips provided here. Remember, you cannot set yourself up to lose if your business either partially or fully depends on converting online leads into customers.

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