Content, not surprisingly, is still ruling the roost. Move over promotional content, this is the era of informative and helpful content. Inbound marketing has truly taken the game to the next level. It relies on content that is aimed at boosting the online experience of users. There is no guessing why this can mean the world for your marketing and sales funnel.

Whether you have hired an experienced SEO company in US or some nerd working from their garage you need to be in the know about the way your content affects your business. Customers wanting to engage with you begin with content that grabs their attention and fills in the crucial gaps in decision making. However, this happens in a lot of unseen ways. Let’s take a look at the behind the scene of how your content affects your brand and business.

Not targeting your real audience
Many businesses are clueless or at least mildly unaware of who their audience is. And even when they do they would rather target almost everyone because that sounds logical right? Truth is it is ineffective and could be affecting your real audience. Imagine your product or service solves the exact problem of working moms over 30. Your content however, is targeted to almost any mom working or not, over 30 or not. Instead of being the go to business for your real audience you just remain another brick in the wall. Not good for your bottom line

Mobile Friendly
So you have a website and some really interesting content to share with the world. You have a great website and blog section but the problem is they are not mobile friendly. What this means is you do not cater to visitors who come searching for you on their phones and tablets. With mobile searches surpassing desktop searches it is a no-brainer to actually favor your mobile audiences more. Your content as well as website need to be targeted to people with little screens.

Misplaced marketing
What is worse than not targeting your real audience? It is to not know where your real audience is hanging out on the World Wide Web. You may have a really good health product up your sleeves that you know your audience will love. What you do not know is that they are not scrolling through Facebook but hanging out at the wildly famous health blog or the wholesome eating forum. You must craft your content not just according to your audience but also the platform they frequent.

Minus the value
So we all know that people love to buy but not feel that they are being sold to. And yet that is what many businesses may seem to do. And then we came up with content marketing but some of us forgot to cater to the subtle but powerful trust quotient of customers. You may be providing great content but are you also going all out to advertise yourself alongside? Such marketing actually lowers the value of your content. Of course we are spending a lot to be seen and admired but unless we provide no strings attached value, it really doesn’t matter.

Being a problem solver instantly positions you as the go to business for your brand related problems you are solving. And that’s what your content is meant to do. Making the above mistakes mean putting a spanner in the process of your prospects warming up to you.

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