2015 was packed with new and exciting happenings in the digital marketing arena. Yet,there were some unexpected trends that got us to sit up and take notice.

Online marketing has truly evolved to integrate a vast space of the digital world. From eCommerce to social media, every year there is something that unlocks the power of the Internet for business and dictates a number of changes. Businesses that recognize these changes early on rise to be at the forefront of successful campaigns.

That’s why we have put together some of 2015’s most gangbuster trends that will continue to dominate 2016 and give you the head start you need.

#1 Mobile based Online Marketing

When Google came out with its mobile only SEO update, mobile domination was cemented. Even more than that, the reports about mobile traffic overtaking desktop traffic in over 10 countries was the real game changer.

Google released Mobilegeddon, the algorithm update that is not so kind to websites without an optimized version for phones. Plus, Google made its allegiance to mobile clear by stating that a mobile only site without its desktop counterpart is absolutely acceptable.

#2 Social Media Integration

Ah, the heydays of organic digital marketing. With the rise in the use of social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the likes, marketers weren’t left far behind. Today, any SEO company will tell you how incomplete and dry your strategy
would be without social media marketing.

Considering, how half of the world is on social media, it’s a no-brainer to use it for marketing. However, it is wholesome social media integration that is the name of the game. Without complementing it with an ironclad SEO and digital marketing strategy, you are sure to lag behind the ever-competitive digital marketing race.

#3 eCommerce Everywhere

Gone are the days when an amazing new dress would catch your eye and you would be hard pressed to find it on a store. With social media integration taking a whole new meaning, be ready to find “buy buttons” on advertisements in your feed.

Even the best digital marketing company knows that the key to more selling is reducing the friction to buying. To put it straight, make it easy for buyers to buy and see your sales boom. Buy buttons (or ‘install’ buttons in the case of apps) are here to stay and only work to crush the hurdles to conversions.

#4 Wearable Devices

As devices continue to take over our daily lives, wearable technology is just a natural progression. Why would you use a large flat box to receive notifications when you can do it with a flick of the wrist?

This only means more marketing opportunities, thanks to the Internet of Things taking control of devices. You could be looking at a future with accurate and targeted automated marketing. Reaching more customers with lesser efforts, that’s what the future holds for us.

#5 Video Advertisements

Who would have thought video ads will still be ruling the roost in 2016 and how. From YouTube to app advertisements to social media, you are bound to find them everywhere. Add to that Google putting its full weight behind in-SERP video advertising, add engagement through videos is here to stay.

It only reflects the acceptance of a majority of users who still dig interactive video marketing. 2016 is sure to see a great use of video ads.

As a SEO and web development company in US, Samaven has its eyes and ears on everything digital marketing. Not only that, we are always striving to help our clients to be the first to take advantage of these developments.

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